With over 100 years combined experience in the design, manufacture and operation of high pressure pumping, nitrogen and coiled tubing equipment, OILFIELD REPAIR SPECIALISTS stands ready to meet our customers' requirements for the manufacture, repair, rebuild or modification of their completion service equipment.

Our background in the oilfield service industry gives us a clear understanding of the sense of urgency that our customers must have in responding to the demands of their business. At OILFIELD REPAIR SPECIALISTS, we operate with that same mindset. It is our goal to respond quickly to our customers' requirements and minimize the downtime of their equipment.

Dependability of equipment at the well site is of utmost importance to our customers. Quality of workmanship is the fundamental factor that produces that dependability. At ORS, our primary goal is to build quality equipment that will serve the customer reliably for many years.

At ORS, When we deliver a piece of equipment, we understand that our job has just begun. We do our best to make sure no equipment leaves our facility without thorough testing and in good working order; but invariably, components fail or problems arise. We encourage our customers to rely on us for help in troubleshooting and solving equipment problems whether the equipment originated with ORS or not. We want to be our customers' service and repair provider and are willing to do what it takes to accomplish that end.